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Low Cost Auto Insurance Arkansas

Low Cost Auto Insurance Arkansas

The auto insurance rates for the state of Arkansas were at an average of $707.74 in the year of 2008. That represented a change of 1.30 percent from the previous year when the rates were at a smaller $698.48. The coverages and their limits for liability were are $389.86 and collision at $309.10 with comprehensive coming in at $175.93. There were 31 states that has higher premiums that Arkansas and 18 that had lower insurance premiums for the year. For the year of 2009, the average insurance premium for consumers was $606.06 and in the year of 2005, the average premium was at $620.90.

There are certain factors that affect insurance costs for every state in the U.S. And then includes Arkansas. Some of the most common factors that affect insurance costs are The speed limit in the cities coming in at 55 and the speed limit on the highways are 60. The blood alcohol percentage limit is currently at 0.08 percent. The open container law is has not yet been determined in this state. There is currently no state wide bad that has been placed on using cell phones while driving. All school bus drivers are the only ones who are prohibited from using any kind of cell phone while driving or operating the bus. There is currently a 120 day suspension that can and will result with a person's first offense for a DUI and DWI. You may have your driving privileges can be restored during the suspension period which is abailable.

Arkansas Auto Premium Insurance Date for all residents.

  • The average premium for the year 2009 was $707.74
  • The average premium for the year 2007 was $698.48
  • The percentage of change in premiums for those years was 1.30%
  • The 2008 Collision Cost was at $309.10
  • The 2008 Liability Cost for that year was at $389.86
  • The Comprehensive Cost for the year of 29008 was $175.93
  • the Rank for the state's premium was at 32 compared to all other states.

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