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Low Cost Auto Insurance Colorado

Low Cost Auto Insurance Colorado

Finding insurance cheap in the state of Colorado is a lot easier than most people think. You can get fast quotes online by simply entering your zip code into our easy to use system and be on your way to finding the cheapest rates for insurance in the state of Colorado.

Colorado insurance rates for the year of 2008 were averaging around $849.84. That figure represented a change from the previous year of $923.16. That was drop in rates of about 7.90 percent for the year. Those figures were indicating that liability coverage was at $475.86 with collision averaging at $323.81 and comprehensive coverage coming in at $3211.96. There were 15 states that did have higher insurance premium than Colorado and 34 with having lower premiums. For the most part over the years from 2002 thru 2005 Colorado car insurance premiums averaged in between $755.00 to $810.00. In the year of 2000, there only thirteen other states that did have higher insurance premiums.

Just like any other state, there are certain factors affecting insurance costs in Colorado. Those currently are the speed limit on cities which is at 65. The speed limit on Highways at 65 and the blood alcohol percentage limit at 0.08. The open container law also affects what consumers pay for auto insurance and it currently all drivers and passengers are prohibited from possessing and open alcohol container. Currently in Colorado, there is no state wide ban on hand held cell phone use while driving. There is also no use of cell phone by anyone who is operating with a learner's permit. License on Suspension on DUI is at the current state of the license being suspended for three months on the person's first offense. Restoration is abailable after DUI, which means that any driving privileges may be restored during the suspension period.

Colorado's current insurance premium data is of the following:

  • Average 2008 Premium $849.84
  • Average 2007 Premium $923.16
  • 2007-2008 % Change -7.90%
  • 2008 Collision Cost $323.81
  • 2008 Liability Cost $475.86
  • 2008 Comprehensive Cost $211.96
  • 2008 Premium Rank 16

If there should be any problems that you have found with these listings, please let us know. We try our best to bring you the most up to date and accurate information of auto insurance resources that can be found.

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