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Low Cost Auto Insurance Massachusetts

Low Cost Auto Insurance Massachusetts


Massachusetts motorists can now get free online auto insurance quotes quickly and easily. Previously, shopping for the best insurance rates meant spending hours looking up insurers, calling them and waiting on hold. Now, you can compare rates from the nation's top insurers right from your computer. We have a directory of the best insurance companies doing business in Massachusetts. This will make your search for cheap car insurance a lot faster and will save you a lot of time and money.

Insurance rates in Massachusetts:

In 2008, the average auto insurance premium in Massachusetts was $1.00. When compared to the year 2007, this represents a change of 5.80%. The previous rate's average insurance rate stood at $1.00. More detailed figures show that in 2008, liability coverage cost motorists an average of $701.76, collision coverage was an average of $352.91 and comprehensive coverage was $150.09. 3 states had higher average auto insurance rates and 46 had rates that were lower. In 2007, this figure was unchanged, where 3 states had rates higher than Massachusetts. By examining a longer period of time, we see that rates for car insurance in 2000 were averaged at $945.61 and $936.01 in 2005. In 2000, there were 2 states which had higher average premiums than Massachusetts.

General factors which affect the cost of auto insurance in Massachusetts:

  • Speed limit - inside city limits: 65 mph
  • Speed limit - On highways: 65 mph
  • Blood alcohol percentage maximum: 0.08%
  • Open container laws: Both drivers and passengers in motor vehicles are forbidden from having open alcohol containers.
  • Hand held cell phone restrictions: The laws and regulations vary and are determined by local jurisdictions, rather than a statewide ban.
  • Additional restrictions on cell phone use: Drivers of school buses are forbidden from using any type of cell phone while driving.
  • Suspension period for DUI offense: On the first offense, the license will be suspended for 90 days.
  • Availability of restoration after DUI offenses: None.

Quick look at Massachusetts auto insurance rate information:

  • 2008 - Average insurance premium: $1.00
  • 2007 - Average insurance premium: $1.00
  • 2007 - 2008 % of change: 5.80%
  • 2008 Collision coverage cost: $352.91
  • 2008 Liability coverage cost: $701.76
  • 2008 Comprehensive coverage cost: $150.09
  • Nationwide premium rank for year 2008: 4th
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I spoke with my agent from ***** who said I probably wouldn't save much, so instead, I went straight home after picking up the kids from school, jumped on to, and in a few short minutes, found that I could save about $40 a month by switching insurance companies. I think I'm going to save a few $1,000 dollars over the next few years. Gosh! My agent is terrible. I owe you a big one :)